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Location: Karnataka
Coverage Area: 104 sq kms
Main Attraction: Panthers, bears, sambar
Best time to visit: September to June
Arrival information:
-- By Rail : The nearest Rail head is Bangalore, 22 kms from BANNERGHATTA
-- By Air : The nearest Air is Bangalore, 22 kms from BANNERGHATTA
-- By Road : The places are well connected with regular bus routes
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Established in 1971, the BANNERGHATTA National Park, in Karnataka, lies 22 kms from Bangalore. It covers an area of 104 sq kms, including ten reserve forests of Anekal Range of the Bangalore Forest Division. The surrounding scenic hills are covered with many ancient temples. 

Flora and Fauna :
At the park one can find an astonishing range of flora and fauna which include trees like sandal, neem, tamarind, jalari, chujjullu, ziziphus among others.The main inhabitants are the magnificent elephants who migrate from Kollegal and nearby Tamil Nadu and feed on the abudant bamboo growth. One can also find wild pigs, panthers, bears, sambar, spotted deer and the black buck here. One can come face-to-face with huge monitor lizards, cobras, pythons, kraits and Russell vipers which roam the park freely. Pelicans, cormorants, painted storks, white ibis and spoonbills are some of the birds found here.

The BANNERGHATTA National Park project comprises the National Park, the Safari Park with a Herbivore Safari and a Lion Safari, Picnic Corner, Crocodile Farm, Serpentarium, Pets Corner, and a Museum besides a Park of prehistoric animals.
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