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Nagzira Wildlife sanctuary

Location: Tirora Range Of Bhandara Forest Division,  Maharashtra
Coverage area: 152.810-sq-km
Main attraction: Best time to visit: April to May
Accommodation : Nilay Rest house, Log Hut Rest house, Madhukunj Rest house, Latakunj Rest house, Tents sites, etc.
Arrival information : 
-- By rail : Nearest railway station is Gondia at 45-km from the sanctuary.
-- By air : Nearest airport is Shegaon Nagpur at 122-km from the sanctuary.
-- By road : Nearest bus stand is Sakoli at 22-km on the Nagpur-Calcutta National Highway.
Nearby excursions : Navegaon National Park at 50-km; Itiadoh Dam at 65-km; Tibetan camp at Gothangaon at a distance of 60-km; Pratapgad at 70-km.
Nearby cities :  

Nagzira Wildlife sanctuary lies in Tirora Range of Bhandara Forest Division, in Bhandara district of Vidarbha region. The sanctuary is enclosed in the arms of the nature and adorned with exquisite landscape. The sanctuary consists of a range of hills with small lakes within its boundary. These lakes not only guarantee a source of water to wildlife throughout the year, but also greatly heighten the beauty of the landscape. 

Flora :
The land vegetation of this sanctuary has diverse type of vegetation ranging from dry mixed forests to moist forest. The forest type is Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests. The numerous lakes in the sanctuary make it important in agricultural point of view. Some of the lakes are Nagzira Lake, Chorkhamara Lake, Bodalkasa Lake, Rengepar Lake, Murpar Lake, Lendezari Lake, Malutola Lake, Thadezari Lake, Balapur Lake, Badbadya Lake, etc. These lakes area also important for the fishing purposes. The flora includes major tree species, small trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses and a few under-shrubs. Major trees are Ain, Dhavda, Bija, Garari, Tinsa, Tendu and Surya. Teak grows sparsely while Bamboos grow plentifully.

Fauna :
The forests provide ideal conditions of harborage to a variety of birds and animals. The animals commonly spotted are Tigers, Panthers, Leopards, Bison's, Sloth Bears, Sambar, Four-Headed Antelope, Blue Bull, Chital, Barking Deers, Mouse Deers, Civet Cats, Jackals, Jungle Cats, Spotted Hyena, and Hare. Among the birds that are prominent and commonly seen are Peafowl, the Grey Jungle Fowl and the Red Spur Fowl.
The habitats of sanctuary include 34 species of mammals, 166 species of birds, 36 species of reptiles, 4 species of amphibia, and number of fishes. The invertebrate fauna includes, besides a number of insects and ant species, 49 species of butterflies.

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