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Nature Parks

Location : Shimla District , Kullu District , Kangra District
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Main attraction : Barking Deer, Brown Bear, rare species of Monal 
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--- Kufri is a well-known tourist resort near Shimla. A large number of tourists visiting Shimla also visit Kufri where a nature park has been established.
In this park rare variety of Hangal, Barking Deer, Musk Deer, Brown Bear, rare species of Monal and other pheasants are kept in social groupings.

--- Manali is another tourist spot where a large number of visitors come. To expose visitors to the nature and to creat awareness and love for wild life it is planned to develop many other facilities at Manali.
There is a wild life sanctuary about 2-km away from Manali town. The tourists will be encouraged to visit this area and see the magnificence of nature here.

--- Gopalpur is a village situated near Palampur on Palampur-Dharamsala upper road. Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh is another area where visitors come regularly.
In this nature park animals are kept in large enclosures and conservation messages are conveyed to the visitors through audio-visual aids.


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