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Pench National Park (Project Tiger Reserve)

Location: 70-kms From Nagpur, Maharahstra
Coverage area: 299-sq-km
Main attraction: 25th Tiger Reserve
Best time to visit: February And April.
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Arrival information :
-- By rail : Nearest railway station is also at Nagpur
-- By air : Nearest airport is at Nagpur, 78-km away from the park.
-- By road : Regular bus service is available from Nagpur and Ramtek (35-km).
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The Pench National Park on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra has been known through the ages for its rich flora and fauna. Named after the river that flows nearby, Pench was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1983, though it had been declared a notified area in 1972.
This park is the 25th Tiger Reserve in the country and takes pride in its tigers and other wildlife. The total area under the Pench Tiger Reserve comes to about 758-km, out of which a core area of 299-sq-km is the National Park and 464-km the buffer area.
In summer the river retains water in pools strewn along its bed, locally known as 'Doh'. To the east lies Golia Pahar about 670m above the main sea level, which is the highest hill in Nagpur district.

Flora :
This is southern topical dry deciduous forest and is a home to a variety of trees and wild animals. Main trees species found over here are Anjan, Bhirra, Bija, Hirda, Kalam, Khair, Medsing, Moha, Mokha, Palas, Rohan, Tick and Shisham, Tendu, and Tiwas.
The main shrubs found in this area are Bharati, Dudhi, Ghaneri, Nirgudi, Phetra, Bamboo, Katang Bamboo, Kusal. The undergrowth consists of Divali, Gajargawat, Goakru, Rantulsi, Tarota and Marvel. Sabai and Thikhadi are the main grasses. Eroni, Gunj, Gulvel and Khobarvel are main climbers.

Fauna :
The common animals in this sanctuary are Common Langur, Jackal, Wild dog, Sloth bear, Indian Grey Mongoose, Striped Hyaena, Tiger, Leopard, Jungle cat, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Barking Deer, Indian Bison, Nilgai, Chausinga, Large Brown Flying Squirrel, Porcupine and Pangolin.

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