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Sagareshwar Sanctuary

Location: Khanapur Tehsil, Maharashtra
Coverage area: 10.87-sq-km
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Best time to visit: August to February
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Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is at trifurcation of three Tehsils namely Khanapur, Walva and Palus Tehsils of Sangli district. The significance of this sanctuary is that it is a man made sanctuary. Sagareshwar is an artificially cultivated forest without perennial supply off water and in which most of the wildlife species are artificially introduced. The status of the area progressively upgraded. It was first brought under the category of park, then Sagaroba game reserve in 1980 and thereafter, in 1985, it became Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary when approximately 52 animals were set free in the area.

Flora :
The land vegetation is southern dry mixed deciduous and Southern thorn forest. Protection from grazing and forest fire has resulted in good regeneration of dry deciduous species. Forest department has planted many trees in this area. Planted species were Tamarind, Neem, Kashid, Subabool, Gulmolhar, Anjan, Nilgiri, Australian Acacia, Pangara, Chilar, Sisoo, Agave, Khair, Karnaj, Shiras, Char, Bahava, Dhavada, etc. Hill slopes are covered with grass. 

Fauna :
Major animals found in this sanctuary are Sambar, Blackbucks, Wild Boar, Barking Deer, Peacocks, Cheetal, etc. There are no major carnivorous species like tiger and panther in the Sanctuary. However, small carnivores like Hyena, Fox and Porcupines are found in the protected area. Quite a large number of insects, birds and reptiles are also found in the sanctuary.


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