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Tadoba National Park

Location: 45-km From Chandrapur And 100 Kms From Nagpur
Coverage area: 120-sq-kms
Main attraction: Mixed teak forests and a lake
Best time to visit: November and June
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Arrival information :  -- By rail : Nearest railhead is Chandrapur, 45-kms away from the park.
-- By air : Nearest airport is Nagpur, 158-kms away from the park
-- By road : The nearest town is Chandrapur. State-run and private transport buses too, can take one to/from Nagpur
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The oldest National Park in the state of Maharashtra, it is also a Project Tiger reserve, since 1993. The rich deciduous forest mainly consists of teak trees, The area around Tadoba was once highly populated by the Gond tribals. It derives its name from their local deity 'Taru', who, according to a legend, was killed in an epic fight with a tiger. He is still worshipped by the local villagers as the deity of 'Tadoba'. A haven for wildlife enthusiasts, Tadoba is also referred to as 'The Jewel of Vidarbha'.

Flora :
The rich deciduous forest mainly consists of teak trees, others being Bamboo, Gardenia, Satinwood, Mahua and Jamun. The other tree species found within the protected area are Ain, Arjun, Behada, Bija, Bhera, Bor, Bel, Chichwa, Dhawada, Kusum, Mowai, Phetra, Rohan, Salai, Semal, Shisham, Sisoo, Shivan, Surya, Sirus, Tendu, etc.

Fauna :
Although the major attraction is the Tiger, large herds of Chital, the stately Sambar, the elusive Barking Deer, the fleet footed Chausinga, the majestic Gaur, the robust Nilgai, the shy Sloth Bear, the whistling Wild Dogs, the omnipresent Wild Boar, and the stealthy Leopard make lasting impressions on the visitors to this Reserve.
As the night falls the Small Indian Civet, the Palm Civet, the Ratel, the Flying squirrel make their presence felt. The lake attracts many water birds like Cattle Egrets, Purple Moorhens and Jacanas. It also has marsh crocodiles at the breeding farm.

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