Palani hills wildlife sanctuary and national park
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Palani hills wildlife sanctuary and national park

  • Location : Dindigulin, Tamil Nadu

  • Coverage area : 736.87 km

  • Main attraction : NilgiriTahr and Indian Elephant

  • Best time to visit : April and May

  • Nearby excursions : Manjampatti Valley, KurinjimalaSanctuary

  • Nearby cities : Coimbatore

Wandering in the wilderness of palani hills wildlife sanctuary and national park, tamil nadu

Among a few of India's most cherished untamed life reserves is Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park. It is situated in the region of Dindigulin the state of Tamil Nadu. This timberland sanctuary was built up as a secured zone in the year 2008. It was constructed under the inspection of the forest office of Tamil Nadu.Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is exclusive due to its numerous cascades found everywhere throughout this region.

The widespread landscapes of the national park :

The entire reserve runs around a region of 736.87 km and houses a few hills and mountainswithin it. The main area of the park is situated at 1.5 kilometers east at the north-eastern part of Silver Cascade Waterfall and fourkilometersatNorth-East part of Kodaikanal Lake.

Experience some of the best climatic conditions at the reserve forest :

The National Park is situated within a range of mountains.It is the reason why temperatures here are marginally cooler. During the months of March till May, the normal temperature of the zone runs inside ten to twenty-degree celsius. The winter months are somewhat colder with temperatures going down toeight-degree celsiusbetweenDecember and February. The region gets plenty of downpoursbetween the months of April and May.

The ideal visiting time in the forest :

You can plan a trip to this wildlife park during the months of April and May. They arethe best time to explore the Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park. There are mellow rains with normal showers and hence, the animals and greenery thrive here. Amid this period, the waterfalls in different parts of the sanctuary are most dynamic and depict a feeling of undiluted magnificence to the backwoods.

So, what if you look for other wildlife reserves nearby ?

If you reach as far as the western part of the park you will get to Manjampatti Valley.Here, you can find theIndira Gandhi Wildlife Reserve and National Park. You can also get to explore the ChinnarWildlife Park in Kerala. The KurinjimalaSanctuary in Kerala borders the south-western corner of the Palani wildlife reserve. These wildlife reserves are locatednear the newly developedEravikulam National Park.

This region also incorporates the only reserve, including Palni Slopes in North- East, Kallar, Palni Slopes in South-East, Upper Palni Shola, Allinagaram, and PalniHills West woodlands in the Dindigul and Kodaikanalbackwoods sectors.

The special attractions that drive the wildlife reserve :

Here, in the National Park, you will find different types of animal species. They are the following:

Warm-blooded animals :

Wild Hogs are common in territories that are away from human residence and development. Some endangered species in this zone include: Bengal Tigers,Indian Elephants, AndIndian Panther, Gauralso called the Wild Bull, NilgiriTahr, and Monster Squirrel.

Creatures of land and water and reptiles :

Several endemic types of creatures of land and water do exist in the National Park.They are-RaorchestesDubois, GhatixalusAsterops, MicrixalusNigraventris, IndiranaLeptodactyla, NyctibatrachusDeccanensis,etc.

Reptiles like UropeltisWoodmasoni,HemidactylusAnamallensis, KaestleaPalnica, KaestleaTravancorica, PlatyplectrurusMadurensis, AhaetullaDispar, TeretrurusRhodogaster, UropeltisPulneyensis, UropeltisBroughami, SaleaAnamallayana, BoigaDightoni and TrimeresurusMacrolepis,RistellaRurkii, etc. are also seen in this sanctuary.

  • Talking about different types of plants, here you can witness a variety of those.For example,theSonerilapulneyensis: It is a fragile Melastomataceae succulent herb endemic to Pambar Shola. Few other plantations are the Plectranthusbourneate - a succulent herb common to Pambar Shola, Trichoglottistenera - an epiphytic orchid. Pambar Shola is its real natural surroundings.

  • Phyllanthuschandrabosei: a bush commonly found inPambar Shola.

  • Huperziasp: a plant partner found inPambar Shola.

  • Selaginella sp.: a sensitive crawling plant endemic to Pambar Shola.

  • Utleriasalicifolia: just a single bunch found in the Palni slopes.

  • Elaeocarpusblascoi: a tree known to be wiped out until this year.

  • Cyatheacrinita: tree greenery, exceedingly imperiled.

  • Aeschynanthusperrottetii: known just from one other shola in the Palni slopes.

  • Eulophia sp.: another species foundin the Palni slopes, previously found in April 2000.

  • Actinodapohnebourneae: a shrub tree known to be extinct.

So, how can you reach the palani national park ?

Getting to the Palani National Park is no hard work. You can avail of the transport facilities easily to get into the reserve. There is an option to reach the spot either by air or through railways and other public transport.Here is how :

Right from the air terminal, you can hire a taxi or public transport to reach Palani Hills National Park.

If you are coming through the railways,the closest rail-head is Kodaikanal. It is about ninety kilometersaway from PalaniHill National Park. After you reach the station, you can take a taxi or public transport to reach the National Park.

For your convenience, here is a brief on the nearby airport and railway routes. You can avail of the roadways to reach the National Park as well:

Closest air terminal :

Coimbatore is the closest air terminal to Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park.It is around two hundred kilometersfromKodaikanal.It is the closest townto thewildlife sanctuary. There are regular flights going back and forth to all significant urban areas throughout the entire year from the Coimbatore airplane terminal.

Closest railroad station :

The railway route towards the wildlife sanctuary is closer than the airplane terminal. The closest railroad station is locatedin Kodaikanal.You canavail of the public transport or taxi to the sanctuary.

Reaching the reserve by road :

The wildlife reserve of Palani has great street connectivity with Government air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned transports.These buses travel through Trivandrum, Chennai, and Madurai. You can also avail of private transports and taxicabs to get to this destination.

How can you plan to get an accommodation in or near the sanctuary ?

Once you reach the reserve, you must be thinking about accommodation. Whenever you reach a new place to tour, this thing comes first in your mind.However, do not worry.There are a few backwoods visitor houses inside the reserve at various areas that you can book beforehandor avail of on the spot contingent upon theavailability.

Distance from major cities

The forest reserve of Palani is located at quite accessible distances from the major cities in India. It is the reason why transport facilities from any of these cities are available to reach here. Here is the list of the distances of the National Park from these significant cities :

  • Coimbatore ,172 km

  • Trivandrum ,331 km

  • Bangalore ,465 km

  • Chennai ,529 km

  • Hyderabad ,1030 km

  • Mumbai ,1455 km

  • Delhi,1588 km

  • Kolkata ,2177 km

How to reach the National park ?

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What are the interesting things to do here ?

Palani Hills National Park helps in promotingthe travel industry by arranging activities for sightseers like trekking, climbing, outdoors, mountaineering, climbing the rocks, bird viewing, and natural life safaris.

What are the different zones in the national park ?

The different areas in this jungle includethe grassy meadows, deep forest, and waterfalls.Apart from the wildlife, these torrents are something that you would not want to miss. The Shoal Falls, Silver Cascade Waterfalls, Neptune Falls, Pambar Falls, are quite amazing.

How can I explore the national park ?

For visitors all around the world, exciting wildlife safaris are arranged to witness the Indian Elephants and other species found here. However, the visitors need to obtain special permission from the forest department to opt for these safaris. There are facilities for plenty of amusements once you visit here.

The final word

The Palani Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is truly an amazing place to tour if you are an adventure lover. So, pack your bags and get ready for some adventure and amazement this holiday!


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