The Ferocious and Majestic Lions of India
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Asiatic lion in India

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The lion is known as king of the jungle and for very good reason. This majestic cat prowls around with the utmost grace and pride, and is one of the finest big cats to lay eyes upon. Watching them hunt and live is a magical experience. The lion’s roar can send chills down anyone’s spine and is quite an experience.

Places they are found in :

The Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradeshis one of the best places to spot lions in their natural habitat. Watch them hunt down prey and feast on them in groups. One may also head over to the iconic Gir Forests of Gujarat, India to spot some of these gorgeous cats prowl around. The Gir serves as one of the best places to view the Asiatic lion and observe their behavior. Other sanctuaries to spot lions include the Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan and Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, head over today and watch these incredible cats in their natural environments.

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