The Gigantic Elephants of India
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Where Elephants are found in India?

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One of the largest mammals to walk the earth is the elephant. These are gorgeous creatures with enormous ears flapping and a long trunk swaying gently as they walk around. Elephants could be found scattered around the sub Saharan African, South Eastern and Southeast Asian regions.

Places they are found in :

To spot Elephants, one can head over toEravikulam National Park in Kerala, the KarbiAnglong and Mora Dhansiri River area of Assam including Kaziranga National Park, particular areas of Anamalai, Srivilliputtur and Coimbatore, Rajaji National Park and Jim Corbett National Park of Uttarakhand and more. These are the most spectacular locations to witness these mammals in their natural habitats. Sightseeing elephants could also be done atKameng Elephant Reserve in the Himalayan foothills of Arunachal Pradesh or around Dudhwa National Park of Uttar Pradesh, a place where one gets the opportunity to get truly up close with these majestic creatures. Elephants are an incredible mammal to witness in the wild.

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